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Country of Origin Labelling

Country of Origin Labelling on single ingredient products.

Many consumers want to know the Country of Origin of fruit, vegetables, meat, seafood and other foods when they are deciding to purchase a product. Some consumers see place of origin as important to a product’s identity; some may want to buy New Zealand-made products, and some consumers may believe that goods made in certain countries are more preferable to others for a variety of reasons.

The following Statement of Commitment aims to ensure the integrity and consistency of Country of Origin Labelling for single ingredient whole foods sold in New Zealand with a view to:

  • Providing consumers with clear, easy to read and accurate information on the Country of Origin of single ingredient whole foods,
  • Providing a consistent approach in the labelling of Country of Origin of single ingredient whole foods,
  • Encouraging retailers to have made best endeavours to ensure the integrity of Country of Origin
    information to consumers,
  • Improving awareness of the legislation applicable to Country of Origin labelling.

Retail NZ members’ Statement of Commitment:

  1. We are committed to the principle of voluntary Country of Origin labelling of single ingredient whole foods.
  2. This covers the following single ingredient whole foods sold in our retail outlets: fruit, vegetables, meat and seafood that can be supplied in fresh or frozen form, in bulk or in consumer packages and that can be sourced from New Zealand growers or suppliers or from importers representing offshore suppliers.

    Exclusions: Food products with multiple ingredients are excluded, for example, a chutney, relish, processed meat product, stuffing or pre-packed salad or vegetable mixes (except where the manufacturer is legally required to state Country of Origin). Multiple ingredient products include many ingredient components, including some in small proportions such as spices and other flavours.

  3. We require all supplying growers and importers to provide details of the Country of Origin for the particular single ingredient foods that they are contracted to supply to each retailer.

    Note: A ‘state’ or ‘region’ is used by the retailers as an alternative if it would provide greater clarity for consumers about where the food has come from e.g. Californian grapes.

  4. We are committed to showing Country of Origin for single ingredient whole foods in consumer-facing information, through signage or shelf ticketing including stickers, labels or price ticketing.
  5. We meet the requirements of the Food Act 1981 concerning false or misleading labelling of food and the Fair Trading Act 1986 concerning misleading statements or advertising.
  6. We commit to investigate any consumer complaints about Country of Origin Labelling for single ingredient whole foods in a prompt and expeditious manner, and to advising the consumer accordingly of the outcome of the particular investigation.

The following members have agreed to endorse this statement of commitment:

a) Foodstuffs North Island Ltd
b) Foodstuffs South Island Ltd
c) Progressive Enterprises Ltd

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