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when they join Retail NZ!

*Terms and Conditions apply.

Thanks for being a part of the Retail NZ community.

We are working for you and the New Zealand retail sector, advocating for tangible outcomes that benefit retailers. It is your membership that keeps us going, and helps us create a stronger New Zealand retail industry. During these challenging times, we are here for you more than ever. And we can be of support for your friends and fellow retailers too!

For a limited time, when you refer Retail NZ to your friends,
you get $50 off your membership, per friend*.

*Maximum savings of $150, no limits to the number of friends you can refer though!
Read the full Terms and Conditions.

How does Retail NZ Refer a Friend work?

Frequently Asked Questions

You will receive a credit of $50 per new member. This means you can save up to $150 off your next invoice, if you refer three people and they sign up as Retail NZ members. There are no limits to the number of friends you can refer though, so spread the word!

The discount code is SAVE50. They can sign up online using this code.

For some good pointers, check out theRetail NZ Membershippage on our website.

Ask them to sign up on the Retail NZ website, using the discount code at checkout.

Within 14 days, we’ll call the new member and ask who referred them, when they mention your business name we’ll be in touch and will apply the $50 discount off your next invoice.

The campaign runs until 11.59pm on Monday 15 January 2024.

Need a hand? No problem! Our membership team is happy to help.

If you have any questions, big or small, please feel free to contact us at, or call our friendly membership team on 0800 472 472 (1800 128 086 from Australia).

Terms and Conditions

1. Retail NZ Refer a Friend Promotion is available to:
a. new Retail NZ member who joins Retail NZ on a paid annual membership (sorry it’s not open to new monthly members). The new member will receive a call from Retail NZ, and the team will verify which existing member they were referred by. Only one discount can be applied for each new membership.
b. existing Retail NZ members (referrers) who share a valid referral discount code. Once the new member has joined Retail NZ and paid the annual invoice, the Retail NZ team will reach out and let you (the referrer) know that a discount has been applied to your next annual renewal invoice. 

2. Retail NZ Refer a Friend Promotion gives:
a. each new member who signs up on a new annual membership a $50 discount. Only one discount can be applied when joining Retail NZ; and
b. each Retail NZ member who refers a business (new member), a $50 discount off the next annual invoice once the new member they referred joins and pays. Up to three of these discounts ($150) can be applied.

3. Both the referrer and new member must remain Retail NZ members for a one year period, no refunds will be given.  

4. The referral discount is not transferrable, refundable nor redeemable for cash. All values are excluding GST and are in NZD.

5. These Refer a Friend Terms and Conditions apply in addition to Retail NZ’s Membership Terms and Conditions.

6. This promotion runs until 11.59pm on Monday 15 January 2024. However, Retail NZ has the right to adjust and change this at any time at our discretion.


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