Video Recording: Retail:Tech 2023 (Session 4)


Future focus: The business of what’s next

Have you heard of the Metaverse? Maybe the words Web3 or Blockchain have passed by your desk. We’ll take a look at the future of retail technologies through a different lens and explain how experimenting now could provide the knowledge needed for the future. This will be an educational and exploratory segment filled with innovation and takeaways that will move you forward in your retailer journey.

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Meet the Session 4 speakers

Guest speaker: The future of loyalty
Retail:Tech 2023 Speaker: Chen Peng Chen Peng
Vice President, Loyalty, Asia Pacific

Panel: Making the future of Retail:Tech accessible
This panel is about seeing a future in the Retail:Tech space and making accessible the ideas we’ve shared. We want you to feel comfortable taking these ideas back to your business and making small, sustainable choices to improve your tech future.

Facilitated by: Andre van Duiven (Sektor NZ)

Retail:Tech 2023 Speaker: Alison Mackie Alison Mackie
Executive Director
(New Zealand)
Retail:Tech 2023 Speaker: Rupert Deans Rupert Deans
Chief Executive & Founder

(New Zealand)
Retail:Tech 2023 Speaker: Brittany Teei Brittany Teei
Founder and Managing Director

3Bags Full
(New Zealand)
Retail:Tech 2023 Speaker: Brian McGrory Brian McGrory
Vice President and Head of Merchant Sales & Acquiring

(Australia, New Zealand and South Pacific)
International keynote speaker: What is the Metaverse and how can retailers leverage it?
Retail:Tech 2023 Speaker: Katherine Boiciuc Katherine Boiciuc
Technologist, Imagineer and Futurist

The Web3 Effect


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