Free Webinar: Westpac Managing Your Money – May series


August 2022.

Westpac Manage Your Money – May series

Everyone can use a little extra help when it comes to reaching their money goals. Westpac’s Managing Your Money programme joins us to offer their engaging, practical and interactive financial wellbeing programme to help you feel more confident when it comes to making decisions about your money.

The May webinar series for Managing Your Money offers four sessions, Weathering the storms, Preparing for the future, Goal Setting and intro to investments, The Wonderful Worlds of Investments.

For those of you who missed to attend these webinars, here’s an opportunity for you to watch the recordings below.



Session One: Weathering the storms
This webinar covered planning for the unexpected and looking into savings, debt and insurance.

Session Two: Preparing for the future
This webinar covered how to save for retirement and look into Kiwisaver features and benefits.

Session Three: Goal Setting and intro to investments
This webinar covered how to set a financial goal and looking into investments through a bank.

Session Four: The Wonderful Worlds of Investments
This webinar has a panel of experts from BT Funds Management & CEO of Hatch – Kristen Lunman, exploring the world of investing.

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