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BDO’s specialist retail advisory team can help your business thrive

Opportunities abound for retailers in New Zealand, but businesses need the right support behind them. BDO has carefully crafted our retail advisory offering to ensure we can provide the support your business needs to succeed.

Our specialist BDO retail advisory team can help you with:

  • Performance improvement and strategy advice to get you where you want to be
  • Cash flow management advice and forecasting
  • Technology and systems advisory to ensure you’re operating as smoothly as possible
  • Data analysis for better decision making
  • Full-spectrum tax and accounting services to make sure you’re both fully compliant and making the most of tax opportunities 
  • Debt repayment and structuring advice
  • Process review and mapping
  • Merger and acquisition services
  • Forensic services
  • Corporate Finance
  • Risk management
  • Succession planning
  • Valuations


In addition, retail businesses are able to take full advantage of BDODrive. With BDODrive, you’ll get access to the latest business tools, expert thinking and ideas, all completely tailored to your individual needs. Focusing on data analysis, we’ll be able to assess exactly where your business is today in order to identify opportunities for future growth.

Why BDO retail?

At BDO, we take the time to develop a deep understanding of your business – it’s our relationships with our clients that are what we enjoy most about our work. That’s why we frequently visit our clients’ stores to feel for ourselves what the customer experience is and identify areas for improvement. 

Our specialist retail team has significant expertise in the different systems available to retailers. From MYOB and Xero to SAP, Triquester, Microsoft Navision and all their various add-ons, we know what systems suit which retailers and how best to implement them.

BDO has 19 offices across New Zealand, meaning we understand the different local circumstances affecting your business and have our own roots in the communities where you operate.

In addition to our local expertise, we have the advantage of being a global network. This means we can draw on experience and expertise from around the world to better inform approaches to retail in New Zealand. The changes that are occurring are not isolated to New Zealand, and learning from how others are dealing with them is essential to succeeding at home.

Our specialist retail team has many years of experience working with businesses in the sector. We understand current trends and communicate with you about them frequently so that you can not only know what’s around the corner but also how you can turn those trends into opportunities. See for yourself with our recently published Retail Thrive infographic, which takes you through all the key trends facing retailers in 2022 and how you can turn them to your advantage to help you thrive. 

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