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Retail NZ Sales Index

Retail customers contributing to the Retail NZ sales index

What’s the latest retail sales statistics for 2023? Find out with the Retail NZ Sales Index.

Taking a look at current trends and the state of retail is an important part of your business planning and strategising. Here you can view monthly retail trade sales statistics, to help you get a clearer picture of the retail industry’s current status.

The Retail NZ Sales Index measures the average daily sales per site from Retail NZ merchants who process their credit and contactless debit sales with Westpac.

Statistics NZ also provides a monthly record of all electronic transactions in New Zealand (ECT) and a quarterly measure of all retail sales in the Retail Trade Survey (RTS). Track the monthly movements of all three key indicators in the chart below:

New Zealand spending compared to the previous year

August 2023 sales compared to August 2022UP 1.3%

You can see more NZ retail benchmarking data here.

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Updated 5 September 2023.

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