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Christmas is coming!

As the Christmas season approaches, Retail NZ is sharing all the information you’ll need to know for a successful holiday season.

We have curated the key advice you need to manage your store, team, and customers during the busiest time of the year – meaning you have more time supporting your business over the coming months.

Take a look at our Christmas Hub.

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Restricted shop trading days 

Every year there are three and a half days that most stores must close under the Shop Trading Hours Act 1990. Learn more about these days.

Christmas party obligations

In the process of planning your Christmas party? Did you know your Health and Safety responsibilities as an employer are likely to apply to your end of year celebration too? Check out our advice on meeting your...

Hiring School Age Employees

With summer holidays not too far away, you may be hiring school age employees to work for you. Be sure you adhere to the special restrictions for school age employees.

Customary closedowns

The Holidays Act allows your businesses to closedown once per year, allowing your staff to take annual holidays, refresh and recharge for, in most cases, the Christmas break.

Security and loss prevention

Take your security walk. We’ve created a basic checklist for you to prepare your business. This audit will help you easily identify problem areas when it comes to retail crime, loss prevention and security. This...


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