Queen Elizabeth II Memorial Day

What is Queen Elizabeth II Memorial Day?

The government has announced a one-off public holiday to mark the 70-year reign of Queen Elizabeth II. This is to allow people to pay their respects for the passing of Queen Elizabeth II.

When is the public holiday?

New Zealand will mark Monday 26 September 2022 as a public holiday. This public holiday will not be repeated in future years.

Do I have to close my store on 26 September?

You are able to choose whether you open or close your store.

Can I use royal imagery or wording in my marketing material?

We would advise proceeding with caution if you were planning on advertising a ‘Royal Sale’ or similar. Use of the word ‘Royal’ in business is an offence under the Flags, Emblems and Names Protection Act 1981 if it does not have the express authorisation of the Crown or the Governor-General.  Other words or images that claim or imply the patronage of the Queen or another member of the Royal Family are similarly protected, and their use requires express authorisation.

Can I use the New Zealand Coat of Arms?

No, not without official permission.

What happens to the South Canterbury Anniversary Day already scheduled on 26 September?

We are waiting for Government advice on this.

Do my staff have to work on the public holiday?

Generally speaking, your employees can only be required to work on a public holiday if their employment contract states they have to, and if the holiday falls on a day they would have otherwise worked, or if they agree to it. 

What do I pay my staff if they are working on the public holiday?

Normal public holiday rules apply, and how your staff are paid will depend on whether it is a normal working day for them.

If they work and it is a normal working day for them, they should be paid time and a half, plus receive a full day in lieu.

If they work and it is not a normal working day for them, they should be paid time and a half but not a day in lieu.

If they don’t work but it is a normal working day for them, they should be paid a normal day’s wages. More advice on how to pay your team can be found here, or get in touch with our Advice Service who can give you advice on your specific situation. 

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