Preparing for Omicron

As your business prepares for possible cases of Omicron in your community and in your team, we have some helpful summaries of key advice and information below. 

Prepare ahead

Discuss with your team the steps your business is taking minimise the impact of COVID-19, and in particular Omicron in the business. Incorporate some extra wellbeing support, and think about how you can manage staff levels during the peak of Omicron. 

To mitigate the impact on your business we advise implementing the following:

  1. Integrate work bubbles
  2. Encouraging vaccinations and boosters for staff
  3. Ensure mask use
  4. Increased and high levels of hygiene and cleaning in store
  5. Communicate with your customers in advance your plan should you need to close for a period of time
  6. Plan ahead and talk to suppliers about contingency arrangements.

We recommend having proactive conversations with your team about how your business is preparing and if required start discussions now about any changes to hours – remember you must have your employees agreement in this circumstance. Reach out to our Advice Service who can help you through this process. 

Financial support

If one of your team becomes sick with COVID-19 or has to isolate while awaiting a result, and cannot undertake work duties at home. There is financial support available through the Short Term Absence Payment and the Leave Support Scheme. You can find out more about these payments here.

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